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1/2" Diameter Rotary Potentiometers

These precision potentiometers are completely enclosed by unique molded covers with integrally cored, solid terminals that cannot loosen or transmit solder, resin, or other foreign matter into the unit.

7/8" Diameter Rotary Potentiometers

These sub-miniature precision potentiometers are ideal components for weight reduction and miniaturization requirements in aircraft, guided missile and portable equipment.

1-1/16" Diameter Rotary Potentiometers

Two separate voltage outputs can be obtained in each fully enclosed unit. Independent brush contacts are mounted on a common shaft 90 degrees apart to provide accurate sine and cosine outputs.

1-5/16" Diameter Rotary Potentiometers

Samarius Precision Potentiometers - 1-5/16" body diameter

1-7/16" Diameter Rotary Potentiometers

Samarius Precision Potentiometers - 1-7/16" body diameter

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