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1-7/8" Diameter Rotary Potentiometers

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Samarius high precision, wire-wound sine-cosine potentiometers are available in 1-7/8" and 3" diameters with peak-to-peak accuracies to +/- .25% on special order.

Two separate voltage outputs can be obtained in each fully enclosed unit. Independent brush contacts are mounted on a common shaft 90 degrees apart to provide accurate sine and cosine outputs. Any practical number of ganged units are available with individual sections in simultaneous function or other conformity.

Precious metal brush and collector contacts are used exclusively. Paliney or gold alloy brush materials are matched with the resistance to wire selected for a given value to insure maximum life. Terminals and slip rings are hard gold plated.

Housings are precision machined from solid aluminum for geometric mating accuracy. Blue Alumilite finish identifies sleeve bearing models and gold Alumilite finish, ball bearing. Insulating materials have been selected for inherent moisture and fungus resistance.

Numerous mounting designs are available, including servo with sleeve or ball bearings, three-hole mounting with central pilot, or threaded bushing, with or without non-turn device.

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