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2" Diameter Rotary Potentiometers

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Sleeve and Ball Bearing Linear and Nonlinear Rotary Potentiometers

These high precision, external phasing rotary potentiometers are completely self-contained and suitable for use as single or multiple section units without special shafts or other specialized construction. Two types are available: Sleeve bearing C-200 rotary potentiometers or ball bearing BC-200 rotary potentiometers. Additional performance characteristics of the ball bearing rotary potentiometers model include lower starting and running torque, improved linearity because of reduced radial shaft play, minimized backlash between ganged rotary potentiometer sections for more accurate function repetition or solution of mathematical equations.

Ganging is accomplished on the job by novel drive pin and spring tension pickup combinations which are supplied with each of the rotary potentiometers. Accurate mating surfaces permit precise ganging of multiple units. One piece stainless steel clamp equi

An exclusive feature of this series is a one-piece molded insulation. Terminal board, tap mounting ring and all internal insulating surfaces are molded directly into precision machined aluminum housing. Unit terminals are permanently cored into position with molded identification numerals. This technique provides a complete insulating envelope inside the housing without joints or interruptions, and eliminates all possible leakage paths. The one-piece molded interior also provides better concentricity than individual fabricated strips, resulting in more uniform wiper pressures, improved linearity and operational life.

Models C-200-E and BC-200-E with 180° terminal board are available. The extended terminal board increases the area between tap terminals and provides space for mounting shunts and resistors directly to the rotary potentiometers body without additional wir

Typical Applications

• Computers
• Fire Control
• Guided Missles
• Flight Simulators
• Radar Control
• Missle Simulators
• Flight Trainers

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