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1-5/8" Diameter Rotary Potentiometers

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Any practical number of potentiometer sections can be ganged around a common shaft and independently phased without disassembly. This is accomplished by precision machined mating surfaces locked in accurate relationship by one piece, stainless steel clamp rings. All units, single or ganged, are completely enclosed by permanent dust covers.

Exclusive production techniques provide resistance elements of extended function and life characteristics. Precious metal brush and slip ring contacts are used exclusively. Paliney or gold alloy brush materials are matched with the resistance wire selected for maximum unit life. Terminals, slip rings and end termination tabs are all hard gold plated.

Housings are precisely machined from solid aluminum and blue Alumilite finished for maximum resistance to corrosive environment. Insulating materials have been selected for inherent moisture and fungus resistance. Threaded bushing types, with or without locking provision, servo or tapped hole mounting, mechanical stops, continuous rotation or non-turn devices, are some of the many design variations possible.

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